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Introduction and methodology



After twelve years of working in the composite materials sector, from manufacturing simple fiberglass parts for the industry, to more technical carbon fiber manufacturing for naval and automotive competition, I decided to put all my experience at the service of my own company. Through my professional career, I have learned to master the different subjects to design and realize custom projects and also various techniques for the implementation of composites, such as contact, infusion and prepregs. All this allows me today to be able to answer any request of creation of designer furniture and also of manufacturing of composite parts. Do not hesitate to contact me so that we can study together your projects and achievements of unique pieces.

  • Prototyping

    All prototypes and finished parts are handcrafted. I selected the best partners for elements requiring 3D design and machining. For all the Furniture Design, I realize unique pieces or small series, numbered, dated, registered with certificate of authenticity.

  • Implementation

    Epoxy Resin, Polyester and Vinylester
    Fiberglass, Carbon, Aramid (Kevlar), Innegra, Texalium, Linen and Colored Fiber.
    Contact Manufacturing.
    Vacuum stratification.

  • Workshop

    • Fully heated workshop at a constant temperature of 23 ° C
    • 2 vacuum pumps
    • 1 large oven for prepreg 10m3 120 ° C
    • 1 small oven for prepreg 1m3 120 ° C
    • Painting booth
    • Cabin of dust

21 rue de la Chaussée
50450 Hambye

06 42 98 84 75

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